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Sweet Tooth Haze


Sweet Tooth General Effects
Sweet Tooth Medical Effects
Sweet Tooth Effects
Happy 100% Stress Relief 100%

Cottonmouth 100%

Relaxed 95% Insomnia 90%

Lethargy 30%

Euphoric 75% Lack of Appetite 80% Paranoia 15%
Uplifted 70% Pain 75% Headache 10%
Sleepy 45% Headaches 65%
Dizzy 5%

Sweet Tooth is a fantastic, indica-dominant strain, which will bring about relaxation and a little bit of a cerebral buzz. It’s a very chill strain, and probably shouldn’t be smoked before parties. It’s great for getting in some quality you-time, so put some music on, lie down and let Sweet Tooth sooth you into a euphoric state.


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On account of Sweet Tooth’s intense, trichome-covered buds, this strain is a High Times Cannabis Cup champ from 2001. It additionally has a sweet taste, which ought to completely be valued inside a blossom vape.

It is a powerful strain known as a landrace cross, and that implies it is at least two. Landrace strains crossed together. Sweet Tooth and other such landrace crosses are precursors of what are known. As ‘dankenstein’ strains, which are landrace crosses crossed together to make a genuinely freaky and powerful maryjane strain.

First and foremost Sweet Tooth is most certainly deserving of being known as a vape strain. This is on the grounds that the flavor is so totally delightful that you would rather not ruin it by consuming it. Obviously, smoking it in an unpolished will likewise taste very great, yet it won’t taste even close as great as inside a blossom vape. Sweet Tooth is an indica-prevailing half and half, which has a good hint of sativa inside it, keeping the brain siphoning, while the body breaks up into an unwinding indica high. Nonetheless, Buy weed Online based UK Order weed web-based Belfast Buy weed web-based Londonderry Order weed web-based Drogheda Buy Weed web-based Sligo Weed convey in Ennis Clare

Skunk Teeth, Purple Tooth, and Sweet Tooth OG are likewise various names from this strain. There is generally a ton of disarray with names of strains, essentially on the grounds that there are so many, and in light of the fact that individuals wrongly call various strains a similar name. Adhere to the right name, Sweet Tooth, and you’ll be fine.

As referenced beforehand, this strain is known as a landrace cross. This implies it’s a cross between at least two landrace strains. Sweet Tooth is a cross between:


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