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Buy dabs online Super clean, medical grade, highly pure and potent cannabis extract for dabbing. Connoisseur-grade extract, made from top-grade buds. Retains all the flavors and characteristics of the original strain intact. Translucent gold. Shatters when frozen, sticky at room temperature. A little bit goes a long way!


Cannabis concentrates are pretty much exactly what they sound like—products that have been processed to extract desirable compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes but remove excess plant matter. If you’re nodding your head in agreement because this isn’t your first go-round with concentrates, feel free to skip a few paragraphs to get straight to the part where we tell you what types of high quality concentrates we sell at 253 Farmacy.

From oil and shatter to wax and dough, there are many different cannabis concentrate applications, but almost all of them serve to increase potency compared to natural cannabis flower. Certain concentrates like dabs can be consumed on their own; others, like kief, can easily be added to flower to enhance the natural effects of cannabis.

What is Marijuana concentrate?

Marijuana concentrates are products with a high-concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol) derived from a fresh cannabis flower. The different types of marijuana concentrates are cannabis wax (additionally call dabs) and marijuana shatter. While regular cannabis buds have a THC percentage between 15 and 20% on average, Concentrates can contain up to 75% THC and even more;dabbing

What’s the difference between wax and shatter?

We already know that both products are different types of cannabis concentrates. But what is the difference between the two? The main difference between cannabis wax and weed shatter is in terms of appearance and texture.

Cannabis wax is a concentrate produces by CO2 extraction with a crumbly texture and a buttery appearance. It exists many types of cannabis wax: budder wax, wax crumble, honeycomb wax, and wax sugar crumble.

Marijuana shatter is a translucent concentrate with a honey-gold color, produces by CO2 extraction whose texture; With the appearance and texture of glass because when it falls on a hard surface, it breaks like glass. Shatter hash is the purest and the most potent marijuana concentrate. Many people prefer it for its light texture and because it can be easily smoked by mixing with the cannabis flower.dabbing

This is the concentrate you have been looking for. Amazing ‘budder/badder’ consistency. Contains D8 THC, CBG, CBN, and CBD! Packs a Punch!

Attn: Consuming Hemp can cause you to fail a drug test. Always consult a physician before use. This product is intended for inhalation.dabbing

1 gram
750mg cannabinoids

Marijuana dabs for sale

Buy marijuana dabs online and have them delivered directly to your door.  Enjoy of all kinds of THC dabs from 98% THC weed wax, shatter, BHO, hash oil, weed oil for saleCBD oil, and honeycomb wax, bubble hash, and more.  All our THC dabs are professionally made by trained technicians.

All dabs for sale are made with the highest grade 5X or 7X filtered butane, raw Propane, and Grain Alcohol.  Purging takes place with a professional grade heated vacuum chamber specifically designed for purging large amounts of cannabis wax and THC extracts. marijuana dabs for sale.

How are concentrates made?

Marijuana concentrates can be made in a commercial environment with modern equipment or prepared in a home setting.2 They are produced in various ways, including:

  • dry processing
  • dry ice processing
  • water-based processing
  • combining pressure with heat
  • using nonflammable carbon dioxide solvents
  • using flammable solvents, including butane (lighter fluid), propane, ether or alcohol1

Using flammable solvents is popular because the products have high THC levels,1 users report longer-lasting effects,1 and it is a relatively inexpensive and efficient production method.2 Butane is a commonly used solvent, producing the potent marijuana concentrate butane hash oil (BHO).2



14 Grams, 28 Grams, 7 Grams


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