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Cheap Ounces of Weed #1 – Online Buying Guide #1

Cheap Ounces of Weed

Cheap Ounces of Weed

Cannabis is now available for purchase in Canada in a safe, simple, and convenient manner. Cannabis shops are springing up throughout the country, and they’re all legal and approved by the ounces of weed

If you don’t know where to look, buying weed from online dispensaries can take some time. Many online offers allow you to buy cheap buds like our $99 Ounces or other cheap ounces you can buy today.

However, not all weed you find on the market is good weed. Below, we’ll go through our cheap cannabis shopping guide and explain everything you should know about the ounces of weed



You can easily buy legal cannabis online in Canada! It’s an incredible concept for anyone who has never purchased marijuana legally. There is something strange about surfing the net and buying cannabis online, especially when you see how skillfully organized everything is.

Each province has strict regulations to ensure the safe and responsible distribution of cannabis products. But before you buy, you should know a few things to obtain the best deal.


Only licensed retailers and online stores like us are allowed to sell marijuana in Canada. You risk having your goods taken if you shop somewhere else. Most legal online stores are government-run cannabis shops, with most provinces having just one internet shop.

While not the most convenient option, it eliminates any doubt regarding where to get weed online. However, there are exceptions (some provinces have many privately run online recreational cannabis retailers).


One of the best parts of buying medicinal cannabis online in Canada is that users and customers have legal access to a wide range of reliable online businesses that provide high-quality buds, the best cannabis strains, and other CBD and THC products at highly competitive market rates.

More significantly, each online shop is committed to delivering the best service and a diverse selection of high-quality strains to its consumers. They deliver goods to your house and provide a variety of post-purchase services to their consumers.

If you’re looking for THC goods or a certain high-quality bud, you can find them by visiting any of the top online dispensary websites in the country.


In comparison to the United States, the price of pot per ounce in Canada is relatively low. When purchasing pot from a Canadian Cannabis store, expect to pay between $10-12 per gram, but Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) services start at $2 per gram. For a decent quality (AA+ to AAA grade), we estimate an inexpensive gram of buds to be around $5 per gram.


When compared to physical dispensaries, online dispensaries are clear winners because they provide many advantages. Cannabis online shopping is safe, quick, and convenient, and it offers a wide selection of high-quality cannabis-infused products.

You’ll typically find better discounts on your favorite strains and items when buying online. Furthermore, you can check detailed product descriptions and ratings of each product before you purchase, allowing you to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, orders are delivered safely and discreetly, so you won’t have to worry about anything. You’re not even obliged to include any information on the order. The only thing you must disclose is the address.

Buying weed online does indeed come with numerous benefits. Still, it would be best to understand a few things before placing your online order.


Even if buying cannabis online makes it easier to purchase high-quality cannabis, you’ll still need to show proof of age. If you wish to buy cannabis from our online store, you must be 19 or older (even if you live in a state or province with a lower legal age).

Fortunately, proving your age is easy and quick. Provide proper proof of identification with your date of birth throughout the registration procedure. You’ll only have to do this once, and you’ll be able to log in to your account and place an order for cannabis in minutes.


Purchasing cannabis can appear like a difficult task. When you walk into a cannabis shop, you’re greeted by various products. How can you even begin to sort through your choices? It’s even more challenging to buy anything online since you can’t see it.

Among the most typical reasons people choose a product from online dispensaries are price, THC percentage, and strain brand. Even though these factors can help you limit your choices, none of them speak to the quality of a product.

Hence, what should customers look for when entering a cannabis store? Let’s look at the qualities that distinguish high-quality cannabis from poor ones.


Have you ever wondered why the THC content of the top-shelf flower isn’t usually the highest? Not just THC but a complex arrangement of cannabinoids and terpenes distinguishes high-quality cannabis. When consumed, this complex arrangement of molecules, known as the entourage effect, will create powerful, well-rounded effects, resulting in a more enjoyable high.

A THC-dominant flower with minor terpene and cannabinoid diversity will deliver a one-dimensional, short-lived, and possibly anxiety-inducing experience.


Cannabis grown and cured has an intense and enjoyable aroma to its full potential. Flowers with a strong scent sometimes have a “dank” or “loud” odor, indicating the flower’s overall quality. 

The scents that high-quality cannabis gives off are known by various titles, such as musk, diesel, and pine. The common denominator is that a good-quality flower smells unique, spicy, and identifiable.

If you can’t smell a flower before buying it, the freshness of the product can be your best indicator of its quality. Marijuana breaks down over time, as terpenes are constantly evaporating and are almost entirely gone after six months.


The first red flag you should look out for is seeds or stems in marijuana, especially if you’re paying by weight. When combusted, the seeds emit a foul odor and have a harsh flavor, and the sticks may poke holes in your rolling papers.

It can be a real pain to separate them when shaking your cannabis. They also add weight, detracting from the better buds. Avoid buying buds visibly laden with seeds and stems unless you’re getting them for a meager price.

While all good cannabis should be pleasing to the eye, a top-shelf strain can undoubtedly display a vivid rainbow of colors. Flowers of high grade are frequently a rich green color with flaming orange or scarlet hairs.


High-quality Indica buds are usually plump, thick, and tightly packed. In contrast, Sativa buds are fluffier, wispier, and a little slimmer. Sativa buds should also have more pistils than Indica buds. Pistils are tiny red hairs. Hybrid strains will have characteristics of both Indica and Sativa plants, so if you buy something that falls somewhere in the middle, it’s probably a hybrid.

However, it would be best if you didn’t confuse low-quality and cheap weed with any of these two. For example, rock-hard buds suggest that growers may have used plant growth regulators, inducing an unpleasant flavor. On the other hand, highly fluffy blossoms could mean the plant wasn’t provided with sufficient light or developed to its full potential.

Unfortunately, many suppliers use trimming machines to cut weed at breakneck speed. Hence we encourage buying hand-trimmed flowers.

Remember that trimming machines come with a hefty price. They lack the skills of human trimmers and can even damage the weed’s trichome content. In short, machines provide you with less potent marijuana. Buy something else if the cannabis appears to have been mangled by a machine or contains many fan leaves.


The number and viability of trichomes are other crucial visual indicators of good cannabis. Trichomes are the glistening crystal-like appendages on the plant’s surface that produce and store the substances that provide the flower with its scent, flavor, and effects.

The more icy trichomes you can spot with the naked eye, the better indicator of the flower’s psychoactive and medicinal potency. If your eyesight is failing you, or you want to get up close and personal, use a magnifying glass to better glance at the trichomes on a nug.

Because the hazy crystals on the trichomes act like resin, the crystals should feel sticky to the touch. You know you have high-quality cannabis if the buds are sticky and not dry when crushed or broken open.


You should be able to separate the buds from the stem with your fingers easily. If the buds respond like clay when pressed with your fingertips, they may not have been thoroughly dried and cured and have not reached their full potential.

Because of the packaging used during transportation, the weed may be overly compact, affecting the taste and, more importantly, smoothness during smoking. Crumbling it may be difficult while trying to roll a joint, and it may fail to burn correctly. Hence, a joint that’s difficult to roll and needs constant relighting.


When buying cannabis online, the first thing you should do is make sure you’re ordering from the right marijuana dispensary. Experts believe you should consider the seller’s reputation for buying high-quality marijuana. The internet has unleashed a slew of online dispensaries that sell low-quality marijuana.

You’re unlikely to go wrong with a dispensary with a reputation for quality. It’s similar to when you want to order food from a restaurant online. Go with the ones you’ve heard of and those with a solid reputation. Another characteristic of dispensaries with a strong reputation is they’re determined to maintain it.


This section is for readers who can obtain their marijuana from a dispensary. Although staff are unlikely to scam you, knowing the different grades of marijuana is still essential. There should be three unique shelves in a standard dispensary.

The best smoking sessions, edibles, tinctures, and even CBD oil generally come from the best source material, or “top-shelf marijuana.” This bud is high in THC (some strains have as much as 22 percent), and it’s produced with great care before being cured and dried to perfection.

Premium marijuana is also referred to as “loud,” “fire,” “dank,” and “Private Reserve” in stoner language.

The marijuana on the central shelf, sometimes known as ‘mids,’ is typically your standard, middle-of-the-road stuff. It’s not great, but it’ll suffice if you don’t have a high tolerance. Many can’t afford top-shelf cannabis, so mid-shelf is their best bet.

Marijuana on a dispensary’s bottom shelf is usually the cheapest and least potent. It can also be a mix of cuttings from other strains (trim) or broken-off parts of nugs that have slipped to the bottom of other jars (shake).

Beginners will most likely benefit from this “bottom shelf” pot, but intermediates and professionals will feel robbed. “Schwag,” “brick,” “ditch,” and “bunk” cannabis are all terms for low-grade, cheap weed.


When buying anything online, reviews can help you make the best decision. If there are no reviews, you should avoid that store. Find the reviews and read as many comments as you can to make the best decision possible on where you’ll get your weed.

Keep an eye out for patterns. For example, if there are too many negative reviews, you should avoid that store. Of course, not all of the comments will be positive – and if they are, that could be a red flag – but the good should outnumber the bad.

When all of the reviews on a website or social media platform are positive, it usually means one of three things:

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